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LEGO Design byME

Lego Digital Designer screenshot

From the Lego website, an awesome process for designing and buying your own, custom, Lego set.

Is there something special missing in your LEGO collection? Would you like to add a professional touch to your personal gifts? Now you can make, shape & even order the toy you wish in a box you design yourself. Your ideas. Your creation. Your box – LEGO Design byME

Following are the steps you need to go through to make your own custom LEGO set:

  • Install LEGO Digital Designer 3.0 for free to start your experience.
  • Use your imagination and have fun as you build your own dream model
  • Design your own unique box and get an auto-generated, printed building guide
  • When you’re all done and satisfied, order your customized LEGO set.

The next steps are a quick description of our tasks:

  • We will handpick your bricks.
  • Produce your one of a kind box.
  • For those that wish we’ll even include an Auto-Generated, printed Building Guide.
  • When done we’ll ship your set right home to you, or the destination you have chosen.


(via The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Build customized LEGO packs with LEGO Digital Designer)

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