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This browser gives you a neat way to explore my entire Flickr account. The browser itself is called a Cooliris Embed Wall.

Scroll down for tips on using this browser.

Some tips on using this browser:

  • When this page first displays each thumbnail in the browser below represents a set of pictures. Hover your mouse over a thumbnail to see the set name and number of photos.
  • Sometimes the browser doesn’t recognize hovers. Click anywhere in the photo background to get its attention.
  • See more sets (or photos) by clicking and dragging anywhere in the browser to the left or right. OR, click the left and right arrows at the edges of the browser.
  • Click a set or photo thumbnail to make it bigger. While your mouse is over the larger image, you’ll see descriptive information at the bottom of the picture.
  • Click a bigger set or photo to make it smaller.
  • See the pictures in a set by clicking the “View Album” link in the description at the bottom of the image.
  • Again, click an image to make it bigger and click a second time to make it smaller.
  • See every image in a set (or album, to use their word for it): click the first image in a set; click the right arrow button at the bottom of the browser OR press the Down Arrow button on your keyboard.
  •  – Return to the set thumbnails by clicking the return arrow in the top left corner of the browser. If you don’t see the arrow yet, it’s because you haven’t selected a set yet. Go ahead click one – it won’t hurt!