Dry December 2011

December 2011 was the third driest on record in San Francisco. San Francisco rainfall records date all the way back to 1849. Several other San Francisco Bay Area locations experienced their second driest December. In addition… December 2011 was the driest on record in Salinas.

Locationdecember 2011  record driest/    normal Dec
                rainfall          year              rainfall
Santa Rosa      0.09 2nd driest   0.00 1989         6.19
Kentfield       0.12 2nd driest   0.00 1989         9.91
San Francisco   0.14 3rd driest   0.00 1876,1989    4.56
Oakland         0.08 2nd driest   0.00 1989         4.58
San Jose        0.08 2nd driest   0.04 1989         2.61
Santa Cruz      0.13 2nd driest   0.05 1989         5.68
Location        December 2011     previous          normal Dec
                rainfall          record            rainfall
Salinas         0.05 driest       0.07 1989         2.44
precipitation climatology
                     Jul 01-       Jul 01-       Jul 01-  Jul 01-
                     Jan 2         Jan 2         Jan 2    Jun 30
station              2012    pon   2011    pon   normal   normal
------------------   -----------   -----------   -------  -------
SFO int`L aprt        2.87    37    9.70   124     7.85    20.65
Oakland aprt          3.07    38   10.67   132     8.07    20.81
Moffett Field         1.77    34    5.77   110     5.26    14.68
San Jose aprt         1.55    30    5.30   101     5.24    14.90
Santa Rosa aprt       4.46    30   19.61   132    14.84    32.20
Salinas aprt          3.31    78    6.93   162     4.27    12.83
San Francisco DWNTN   3.37    36   12.76   136     9.40    23.65

Pon – % of normal follows the July 01 – Jan 1 amounts.

See: http://www.drought.gov/portal/server.pt/community/drought_indicators/us_drought_monitor

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Geologic Time Visualized

Credit: G-100, Introductory Geology, Chuck DeMets and Clark Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Strawberry Music Festival – Fall 2011

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Sailing – July 23, 2011

Total Distance: 15.6 mi
Total Time: 4:10:32
Moving Time: 4:07:40
Average Speed: 3.7 mi/h
Average Moving Speed: 3.8 mi/h
Max Speed: 9.5 mi/h
Activity type: sailing
Created by My Tracks on Android.

Google map.


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Sailing – July 16, 2011

Total Distance: 14.7 mi
Total Time: 4:51:44
Moving Time: 4:40:21
Average Speed: 3.0 mi/h
Average Moving Speed: 3.2 mi/h
Max Speed: 12.4 mi/h
Recorded: Sat Jul 16 10:16:00 PDT 2011

Google Map:


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June 2011 Esplanade Update: 340, 330, 320

340 Esplanade Patio Damage

In today’s San Mateo County Times article “Mother Nature threatens more Pacifica cliff apartment dwellers” by Julia Scott we learned that 340 Esplanade is the latest apartment building to experience substantial damage. According to the article, the area indicated by the yellow arrow in the first image,

The apartment building’s side walkway has caved in, taking a drainage grate and safety railing with it. Residents still have full use of their bluff-top patios…

According to the building’s owner Dennis Thomas, the damage was caused by surface water drainage problems on neighboring 330 Esplanade.

This thumbnail shows the current damage (see the SM Times article for the full size image):

These two images show the state of the same portion of the bluff (click for larger size):

August 15, 2010

February 26, 2011

330 Esplanade to be Abandoned

Farshid Samsami, owner of 330 Esplanade, said he now plans to walk away from the property because he can’t afford to fix the bluff. Samsami said,

Things could be solved in advance with the cooperation of (FEMA and) the other agencies, but they say they won’t do it. … We’re not asking for a handout or a whole repair, but at least help us. … It seems like their hands are tied as well.

Once the property is abandoned it will probably become the responsibility of cash-strapped Pacifica. Pacifica building official Doug Rider said that the city might try to get FEMA funding to protect the property.

320 Esplanade: Apparent Neglect

Meanwhile no work is taking place at Millard Tong’s 320 Esplanade building. Both 320 and 330 Esplanade are enmeshed up in lawsuits with a former contractor over unpaid bills and accusations of negligence.

For more information including an update on the sea wall below Lands End, and additional current photos see the June 23 2011 San Mateo County Times article “Mother Nature threatens more Pacifica cliff apartment dwellers” by Julia Scott.

The graphic of the 340 property line was courtesy of Redfin.com: 340 Esplanade Ave.

For a complete chronology and links to many more photos see Evacuation underway at 330 Esplanade:


See all of my pictures of the Esplanade crisis:


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Paul Newman on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Paul Newman on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969, dir. George Roy Hill ) (photo by Jimmy Mitchell, via 20th Century Fox: Inside the Photo Archive)

via Paul Newman on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Old Hollywood.

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Portrait of Shuttle and International Space Station

Shuttle Endeavour and International Space Station

On May 23 European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli captured this image of the shuttle Endeavour docked to the International Space Station from more than 600 feet away.

This was among the first pictures ever taken of a shuttle docked to the station from the perspective of a Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

It was taken on the last voyage of a shuttle, the Endeavor.

38 of the images can viewed and downloaded from http://go.nasa.gov/stationportrait (or http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/multimedia/e27depart.html)

Video of the departing Soyuz spacecraft:

Image as highlighted on the Picture of the Day Gallery

Thanks to: A Different Beauty For Space from The Technium on kk.org: http://www.kk.org/thetechnium/archives/2011/06/a_different_bea.php

Shuttle Endeavour and International Space Station

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For Geoff, before his Stats Final

Happy Now?

Happy Now?

Thanks to icanhascheezburger.com.

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Garry Winograd, Jerome Liebling, Man Ray, Paul Strand

Some inspirations I’ve found in Yale University’s newly released “Open Access” collective catalog.

Search the collection here: http://discover.odai.yale.edu/ydc/

Browse from here using an nice, simple interface.

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The Creationist’s Mistake

“I’m not a believer, but I’m friendly to religion, partly because it goes with being human—it’s an odd kind of humanism which is hostile to something which is so quintessentially human as religion.” That said, “I’m very opposed to investing science with the needs and requirements of religion. I’m equally opposed to the tendency within religion, which exists in things like creationism and intelligent design, to turn religion into a kind of pseudo-science. If you go back to St. Augustine or before, to the Jewish scholars who talk about these issues, they never regard the Genesis story as a theory. Augustine says explicitly that it should not be interpreted explicitly, that it’s a way of accessing truths which can’t really be formulated by the human mind in any rational way. It’s a way of accessing mysterious features which will remain mysterious. So it was always seen right up to the rise of modern science—as a myth, not a theory. What these creationists are doing is retreating, they’re accepting the view of religion promoted by scientific enemies of religion, and saying, no, we have got science and it’s better than your science. Complete error.”

A review of John Gray’s book The Immortalization Commission: Science and the Strange Quest to Cheat Death from the Daily Beast, Book Beast column,Human Quest For Immortality: John Gray on New Book, The Immortalization Commission.

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Space Shuttle Endeavour lifting off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Monday May 16, 2011 as seen from an aircraft window.

From: Stefanie Gordon, http://twitpic.com/4yg6hs

Via: Boing Boing, http://www.boingboing.net/2011/05/16/space-shuttle-endeav-6.html


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