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On this site you’ll find my collections of photographs, things found on the web, and occasional articles about things of note.

Over the years I’ve had number of blogs or other sorts of websites, but they’ve generally been for specific employers (and therefore behind their firewall) or related to particular projects or customers. In addition I’ve been using Flickr, Delicious, Google Reader, Facebook, Linked In, etc. for years.

Recently I’ve wanted a single place where I could put my stuff, as much for my own use as a log of stuff on the web (which was the original meaning of weblog, I think).  Plus I wanted a place where my content was within my own site, not hosted on a service such as Facebook, where the terms and conditions could change in some unfavorable way. (I’m still using Flickr for hosting my photos however. For now.)

Client List and Testimonials

I’ve had the honor and great pleasure of working with a number of individuals and bands. Some who have agreed to support me include:

  • The Bluegrass Deacons
  • Nobody from Nashville
  • Blue Moon Medicine
  • Losing My Yodel
  • Surf City Slackers (2011)
  • Marva Seaton

Why “adequate bird”?

I’ve loved photography for years… I was always the one with a little point-and-shoot camera on trips and vacations. Over time I’d take pictures of everything, or at least try to. I noticed that birds, flying, dynamic, fluid and graceful or watchful, cautious and meticulous, were just about the hardest pictures to make. I’d found that making an interesting, memorable and original bird picture turned out to be almost impossible! At one point I joked that I’d given up trying to do great bird pictures… that from that point forward I’d be happy with merely adequate bird pictures. I couldn’t really give up on constantly trying to improve my photography though, and that’s really what the name of this blog is about.

– Chris

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