Esplanade Ave from the Air – April 3, 2012

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2 Responses to Esplanade Ave from the Air – April 3, 2012

  1. Carole says:

    I have a question about Esplanade street. We are relocating from San Diego to Pacifica in the near future. We are looking for ocean front something along this street. Can you tell me your views on moving along esplanade.

    After reading your blog – I am thinking it looks as though it is not very safe, as we may be in the ocean in a few years.

    I am not familiar with Pacifica enough to know the area. Again, I would love to have your input.

    Thanks so much

    • Chris says:

      Pacifica is a great small town that’s a quick commute to San Francisco and San Mateo, even down to San Jose though that’s further. We loved the Esplanade neighborhood for its walkability and people.

      You’re right to be concerned about the risks of erosion for some properties though. If you’re considering the ocean side of Esplanade or Palmetto then I’d say most of the Land’s End complex, and 350, 360 and 380 will be OK for the foreseeable future. We’d rule out the other properties. The owners of Land’s End, 360 and 380 seem to have deep enough pockets to protect their property. If you’re looking at something on the land side of Esplanade, which I believe has the only properties that may be for sale, then I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. The city has to protect Esplanade Ave and the utilities beneath / above it (and it won’t and can’t afford to protect private property).

      We’re familiar with San Diego and think you might want to know that Pacifica is a very different place! It’s cold, foggy and windy much of the year, and the ocean never goes above the 50s. It’s beautiful though, with pelicans, whales and even hang gliders, and occasional glorious sunsets that make up for the rest of the days.