Lunch Break

Interactive piece:

Move the mouse pointer over the image to the left to see before / after images of the same scene. (May take a moment for the second image to appear.)

Before image:

This scene caught my attention for the color and contrast of the foreground, brightly lit woman and the shadowed, low contrast watching men. I like these guys on their break from the small factory across the street. They’re a regular part of the neighborhood and despite the lack of common language we all get along.

During lunch some of them sit in the shade and watch a vigorous volleyball game across the parking lot.

Click the image for a larger version.

After image:

I didn’t at first consider this one a “keeper” for it’s lack of contrast or foreground subject. I saw it as the next frame in a short movie and loved the ways the watchers’ attention followed the red-shirted lady out of the frame. That’s when I decided to do the overlapping interactive piece above.

Maybe I’d been looking at it too long or something, but I like this image now, in its own right.

The void in the lower left corner seemed obviously empty, with two of the men looking at something we can’t see. One looked at his watch, and one looked toward the camera in a way that diminished any sense of distance or import.

Click the image for a larger version.

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