Esplanade Bluff Photos – September 2010

At low tide on a beautiful September evening (9/18/2010) I walked down the “dog park” access road and documented the current state of the bluffs and works below Esplanade Ave in Pacifica. Other than 330 Esplanade, I found things in good state and about as ready for the winter storms as could be…. with several notable exceptions.

  • 330 Esplanade – I didn’t see any signs of fresh dirt falls below 330 Esplanade, but I didn’t see any repairs or new work on the bluffs below it either. It was hard for me to avoid the conclusion that the rainwater and surf effects that closed the building last winter will continue to weaken and ultimately undermine the building. I guess I can’t know that the building will actually collapse down the bluff this winter, perhaps it will take more than one winter’s worth of storms to ruin the building and the gas, water and sewer lines that serve it. It doesn’t seem to be an exaggeration to expect the bluff to collapse though – after all, the buildings were evacuated as unsafe!
  • Access Road – the new beach access road is somewhat damaged by water runoff from a large white pipe. At this point the newly formed gully is on the inland side of the dirt road and out of pedestrians’ way.
  • 30′ Surf Mark – the rock rip rap below is not quite 30′ tall. See the picture for the blue spray-painted marking.

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