November 2009 Bid for work behind 310 and 320 Esplanade

The Current Complaint

On July 2 a lawsuit for breach of contract was filed in San Mateo Superior Court by the subcontractor that did the aerial drilling behind / beneath 330 Esplanade Avenue in Pacifica CA., Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc., against the the prime contractor. Engineering Soil Resources Inc. Also named in the suit was the owner of 330 Esplanade, Farshid Samsami. The suit alleges that Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring began work as contracted but was never paid. Work behind 330 Esplanade halted in February (Monday or Tuesday 2/15 or 2/16) before it was completed, and subsequently in April failed (for pictures and details see my post Further bluff collapse beneath 320 Esplanade).

You can see the case documents on the San Mateo Superior Court “Open Access” website, Unlimited Civil case, 496610, “Case CIV496610 – DRILL TECH DRILLING VS ENGINEERED SOIL REPAIRS“.

We observed the work with interest since it involved a big red crane hoisting workers in a basket over the coast side apartment building, and it seemed pretty obvious at the time that the work ended abruptly, unfinished. Now it seems we know why the work stopped, but of course do not know why invoices for the work have gone unpaid. Like much else of the story behind the actions on Esplanade, we wait for the details to come out in court.

Buried in the July 2 complaint, however, was a document that appears to reference an altogether different property.

Something Odd: November 2009 Bid

The first attachment in the complaint, presumably intended to represent the contract between the parties (exhibit “A”) does not reference 330 Esplanade at all. Instead it appears to be a bid that Drill Tech submitted to ESR dated November 12, 2009 for a similar soil-nail project to be done for 310 and 320 Esplanade.

November 2009 was weeks before the bluff erosion and collapse that ultimately closed 330, and eventually also shuttered 320 Esplanade.

Here are scans of the pages from the complaint:


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