Current Esplanade Aerial Photo

This composite image based on two photos posted on Pacifica Riptide, photographer credit to Tim Brand and copyright to

Labeled features with links to my posts for more information:

  • Lands End “Dog Park” – the open space at the Lands End apartment complex. According to the Coastal Commission permit work is underway to lay a rock rip rap revetment to halt erosion that threatened this open space area plus building 112, not visible to the left of this image. (Lands End Ramp, Patio at 330 Esplanade)
  • 310 Esplanade, Millard Tong owner. 310 Esplanade had emergency work done this winter to add rock to the north (left) end of the rip rap that was already placed below it. (Deadline from Pacifica: Prove it or Lose it, Thursday 4/22)
  • 320 Esplanade, Millard Tong owner. Closed after emergency work to add rock to the south (right) end of of existing rip rap. Both properties had rip rap laid in 2009, and both were damaged when that protection was either insufficient or diminished by the absence of similar protection at the neighboring properties. (Evacuation Order for 320 Esplanade)
  • 330 Esplanade, Farshid Samsami owner. Evacuated 12/17/2010 after winter storms eroded the unprotected beach and bluffs beneath it. (Evacuation underway at 330 Esplanade) In the following weeks the rock and soil nail wall with shot crete cement shown here was added to prevent further erosion. The work was not finished, according to reports, due to lack of funds and subsequently the property has resumed eroding. (330 Esplanade Balcony) Properties on either side of 330 Esplanade laid rock rip rap in 2009. Only sketchy, vague explanations mentioning disagreements among the owners, perhaps related to unusual property lines or access, have been published. (Long Term Displacement + Property Map)
  • 360 Esplanade, Aimco Apartments owner. Additional rock laid and soil nail wall with sprayed shot crete added to halt erosion. (Work to Begin at 360 Esplanade)
  • Sewer, Pacifica. Meanwhile Pacifica has a yet-to-be resolved problem: severe cliff erosion, landslide, ground subsidence and failure of the revetment supporting the City’s storm drainage outfall structures at 380 and 400 Esplanade Avenue in Pacifica. (Pacifica Council Agenda – Prior to the April 12, 2010 Meeting)

Not visible but still actively working to stop / remediate related erosion damage are two properties to the north (left) of this view:

Composite image based on photos originally published at Pacifica Riptide. Thanks to them and the photographers who retain ownership and rights to the images: The Losing Battle: Esplanade Slip Slippin’ Away.

For a complete chronology and links to many more photos see Evacuation underway at 330 Esplanade:

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