Holly Miranda, Joints [Video]

This morning I got an awesome cut from the neat music discovery website Track In The Box, Holly Miranda singing her original “Joints”.

From the Track in a Box website:

This track is off Miranda’s The Magicians’s Private Library (great title), but this version is from a trio of sessions with just her and fiddle player/solo artist Marques Toliver (who is amazing in his own right) which follows the two of them playing around Williamsburg. Miranda’s voice is absolutely phenomenal in a wait are you for real and why are you not everywhere sort of way, and while there are plenty of ‘she sounds like (insert female vocalist’s name here)’ comparisons out there, that’s really not doing it justice. She is amazing; there’s a bit with an echo in the staircase that’s… gah! Just listen, then listen again, then listen to the rest of the sessions, then listen to the album, then start over again. That’s what’s been going on over here anyway.



Dreamt of you again last night
Called your phone to hear your voice
I know
I know you know
That I’ll never let you go
How do I let go?

I can feel it in my joints
It aches and creaks and
There’s no point
In growing old
Oh this life I’ve made on my own
Is lonely with the love I’ve known

Where are you
Is where I want to be
Where are you
Is where I want to be

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