Wasteland Comic – Wallpapers

These are wallpapers provided by Wasteland comic artists Christopher Mitten, and Ben Templesmith.

Wasteland takes place one hundred years after the Big Wet, a disaster that destroyed most of the world as we know it. Half the world is now covered by poisonous, rising oceans. What dry land remains is a broken, infertile world of hard ground and harder living.

Into this world steps Michael, a scavenger who roams the wasteland, trading what he can salvage. But Michael’s latest find will change his life for ever — a machine that talks in a forgotten language, supposedly giving directions to the fabled land of A-Ree-Yass-I, where mankind’s downfall began.

Wasteland is post-apocalyptic science fiction / horror of the highest caliber. One of the few books that I absolutely must have each month!

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