Deadline from Pacifica: Prove it or Lose it, Thursday 4/22

According to a KPIX-TV 5 (CBS) story on CBS5.COM by Joe Vazquez, Pacifica Apartments Dangle Closer To Ocean’s Edge (article

The city has given the owners along Esplanade until Thursday (April 22) to come up with a new analysis to prove the buildings should stay.

Julia Scott confirmed the deadline in her San Mateo County Times story on, Parties play blame game over latest Pacifica cliff erosion. Ms. Scott reported:

Pacifica has given them (the owners of 310, 320 and 330 Esplanade) a deadline of Thursday to present a plan with evidence that the buildings can be made safe enough to occupy.

From Scott’s story: according to building representative Bart, building owners have met repeatedly to try to agree on a way forward but have not worked it out so far. “The stakes are high,” said Steve O’Connor, president of the firm hired to work on the bluff, Engineered Soil Repairs. O’Connor said, “if you don’t save these buildings, you’re endangering the buildings on the other side of Esplanade Avenue.”

Demolition Seems A Likely Outcome

The owners appear to be disagreeing on a coordinated solution to the bluff erosion problems, but I’ll bet the underlying issue is financing. The most important similarity among the owners along Esplanade is probably not the location of their buildings, but the challenges of running a profitable business as a landlord on Esplanade.

In a KTVU.COM KTVU / TV36 (FOX) story Erosion Damage Weakens Pacifica Cliff by Lloyd Lacuesta, an agent for one of the owners told (him) that they have yet to complete the attempts to shore up the cliff because they need some $2 million dollars to finish the job and can’t get a loan.

We have heard directly from the City Council that Pacifica can’t afford to buy the buildings or bail out the owners. The City of Pacifica does need to protect the street and utilities under and over it, but it can probably do that with disaster assistance funds once the privately owned apartment buildings are gone.

The scenario I expect is for 330 and 320 Esplanade to be condemned, and then the owners to be required to demolish them and remove the rubble.

KPIX-TV 5 (CBS) CBS5.COM. Raw Video: New Erosion Found at Pacifica Cliff, Tuesday April 20, 2010 1:09 PM. Chopper 5 video shows new damage at the scene of an Esplande Ave. apartment complex in Pacifica Tuesday.

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