Visible and Invisible Progress Along Esplanade

Lands End

An excavator has appeared next to the closed coastal stairs in the open “dog park” area north of 310 Esplanade, and word is to expect an approximately 3-month project to shore up the bluff below Lands End, the driveway, and building 112. See pictures above (iPhone pictures – pretty good).

According to the permit approved by the Coastal Commission on February 16th, the plan is to cut a “road” down through the dog park to permit tracked vehicles and trucks to move rock down to the shoreline. Once the road is in place, a rock rip rap wall or revetment will be placed along the base of the bluff. No soil nail wall reinforcement or other work is planned. (For details see my post from March 11th, Emergency permits processed by Coastal Commission for 100 and 360 Esplanade.)

As I said back on March 7th (Work to Begin at Lands End?) a road down through the dog park is essential even if it will be steep or switch-backed, or both. So while we’ll lose a nice neighborhood asset, at least temporarily, we will gain some needed security and safety.

360 & 380 Esplanade (Aimco Apartments)

Equipment, including a nice tall crane, has been moved into the parking area between 360 and 380 Esplanade. In addition, scaffolding will be erected adjacent to the rocks on the bluff. Much more work is planned for these properties than at Lands End:

Installation of an approximately 3,240-square-foot, 50-foot-high soil nail wall along an approximately 40- foot-long section of the upper bluff consisting of (1) approximately 50-foot-long soil nails placed at 5-foot intervals in both the vertical and horizontal direction, (2) a facing element such as shotcrete with wire mesh reinforcement. and (3) drainage panels behind the wall facing.

(Text of the Commission’s permit approval, from my post on March 11th, Emergency permits processed by Coastal Commission for 100 and 360 Esplanade.)

100 Palmetto Avenue, Dollar Radio – Joan Levin

  • Work was done to install stitch piers and reinforcements above the coastal zone to halt hillside slides that threatened one or more structures on the property. I don’t know if it’s complete.

Pacifica View Villas

  • Notification of an emergency permit application for construction of a rock rip rap revetment, filed at the Coastal Commission for Pacifica View Villas, was posted at that property on March 21st. See Notice of Pending Permit – Pacifica View Villas HOA. I have not heard of any construction at that property yet.

310 Esplanade

  • North end of the building remained stable but precarious, with sporadic new reports of minor sand falls from the bluff.
  • I do not believe that there is a Coastal Commission permit for any work to be done on 310. The emergency permits approved for work along this part of Esplanade are restricted to 320, 330 and 360. (See Emergency Permits Approved for 320, 330 and 360 Esplanade)
  • The owner of 310 (and 320 Esplanade) does already have a permit application before the Coastal Commission for a complete restoration and reinforcement project, but as far as I know it has not been approved. (See April 2009 Coastal Commission Permit Approval for Rip Rap)

320 Esplanade

  • Six apartments of the south end (3 first floor, 3 second floor) remain red-tagged and vacant. The patios of the end units are hanging in space and undercut nearly to the foundation but the bluff face is drilled and stabilized with soil nails and a sprayed layer of shot crete.
  • No further work is planned for 320 Esplanade, as far as I know. Details are the same as for 310 Esplanade.

330 Esplanade

  • Entire building red tagged and vacant. No activity has been noticed at this address since the temporary anti-trespassing fencing was installed.
  • No permits for further work at 330 Esplanade have appeared on the Coastal Commission website, and there are no published or publically accessible plans that the City of Pacifica has indicated will enable residence to resume in the building.

340 Esplanade

  • North end of building stable, protected by rock rip rap placed early this year.
  • No indication of plans for additional work at this time.

350 Esplanade

  • Has not experienced threatening bluff erosion to date.

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