A message from Pacifica’s Mayor

By Sue Digre Mayor,
City of Pacifica
Posted: 03/11/2010 06:00:00 AM PST
Originally posted on the Pacifica Tribune: A message from Pacifica’s Mayor

The beginning of this new year has been fraught with numerous concerns, as you know.

Every government entity that can be involved is involved in researching the issues of the bluff erosion and lives and properties at stake.

Pacificans care for one another. One private residence, the former Dollaradio Station, is the site of the first transcontinental radio transmission.

Meanwhile, an economic crisis continues worldwide and certainly Pacifica and its residents are being affected.

San Mateo County Human Resources Dept has some offerings of assistance.

At a recent City Council meeting, Ken Kong of SMCWorks gave a presentation. There was an urgency for information and assistance. So I am also in contact with SCORE which helps business owners and entrepreneurs.

I did attend the Jobs Boot Camp sponsored by Congresswoman Jackie Speier. It was very positive for people out of work. Another Boot Camp will be offered soon. I have asked that it be in Pacifica.

The website for employment opportunities (check out the two pages) and for wage subsidies for employers is: smcworks@smchsa.org (650) 877-5627.

There are opportunities for parents, including for a non custodial parent, to attend free training in green jobs — please see the information on what’s new: Green Jobs Academy www.smchsa.org. The contact number is (650) 802-6433.

There may be green jobs training for youth as well.

Veteran’s can find information from various sources for Green Jobs and other assistance. When in doubt call Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s Office directly or look at her website.

No matter where I go, I hear and read over and over again that economic hard times can give rise to great entrepreneurship. Small businesses are the backbone of America. I encourage all who have employment problems to take time to listen to your inner “dream” regarding work. SCORE and others are legendary for helping people create sound business plans. I am also hoping that there are three people in Pacifica who are committed to starting up a shuttle service.

I say three, as I think it is easier to run one shuttle route successfully. But Pacifica needs three. The three CEOs could then collaborate to ensure that their shuttle systems provide a “transfer” that can be used among them, so that Pacifica will have complete and seamless transportation. I believe the quality of life of our non-drivers and our economy, and our desire to get rid of Highway 1 gridlock need this ASAP.

May the information shared today help you or neighbors or a local business.

Pacificans do care for one another. And thank you for that.

— Sue Digre

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