Pacifica Declares Local State Of Emergency

City manager Stephen Rhodes declared a state of emergency Wednesday to help building owners affected by cliff erosion seek low-interest loans to cover expensive bluff repair work. Pacifica City Councilwoman Mary Ann Nihart explained the decision:

We’re not in a position right now where our streets or utilities are going to be immediately at risk, but we wanted to help the property owners as much as possible.

The city’s proclamation covers an the area from Manor Drive to Muscle Rock on Palmetto Ave., and must be approved at various governmental levels up to and including the Governor. If approved, it would allow: owners to apply for low-interest Small Business Administration loans; and, additional work to be undertaken immediately without the Coastal Commission’s approval.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has repeatedly denied the Esplanade area’s elibility for aide due to the threat being to only private property, and to long-standing pre-existing conditions.


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