Two More Property Owners Take Action

According to today’s KGO-TV 7 (ABC) story Crumbling cliff in Pacifica prompts new precautions, two more owners are taking action to delay or stop the erosion that threatens their properties along the bluffs in Pacifica.

  • Lands End is reported to have received a permit to build a rock rip rap wall at the base of the bluff below their property. (Story does not say but I presume it was an emergency permit granted by the Coastal Commission.)
  • Work is also reported to be starting at Joan Levin’s home, north of Esplanade on Palmetto Ave near Muscle Rock. According to the story crews are drilling 23, 50 feet deep holes and planting in reinforcing steel and concrete columns. I’m not sure why this owner is NOT having a rock rip rap wall built below her propery. Tony Fortunato described the work:

To buy her time, it’s not a total fix, what it is buying her time. Hopefully in a couple of years they can make a decision. She has a lot of property here, she can move back. They are talking about moving to a house down the road possibly – something like that.

Meanwhile I have heard that the owner of 310 & 320 Esplanade will have bluff reinforcement work begin on his properties shortly.

No word on the status of the Pacific View Villas condo complex on Palmetto Ave.

More on Dollar Radio (Dollaradio)

Joan Levin owns a historic home just north of Pacific View Villas condo complex on Palmetto Ave. The property was once site of Mussel Rock, 6XBB: Dollar Radio (Dollaradio), an early radio communication site with many notable “firsts” in communications with ships in the Pacific. The original tiny 20 feet square wooden structures were replaced with red brick buildings in about 1930. The two 225+ foot tall towers were demolished in the 40’s, but one brick building lives on as part of the residence.

Joan Levin has established (or is still working to establish) a non-profit foundation to underwrite the rescue of the Doallardio property. More information:

See all of my pictures of the Esplanade crisis:

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