California Coastal Commission Meeting Feb 10, 2010

Frames grabbed from the video of the California Coastal Commission Meeting Feb 10, 2010. You can see the agenda with links to the corresponding segment of the archive video here. You can see a list of all of the archived videos on the CAL-SPAN Coastal Commission Archive page.

Highlights of the meeting:

  • 310-330 Esplanade Esplanade, Pacifica. Emergency Permits. For full details see my post Emergency Permits Approved for 320, 330 and 360 Esplanade
  • Blurry plan of soil nail wall design
  • 330 Esplanade photo showing full height of bluff covered in shot crete
  • Lands End coastline diagram showing bluff line from 1943, 1965, 1973, 2005 (?), 2010. Shows the encroachment on building 112 clearly.

Click any picture to see a larger version. Click the left or right side of a picture for the next in the set.

See all of my pictures of the Esplanade crisis:

For a complete chronology and links to many more photos see Evacuation underway at 330 Esplanade.

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