Mavericks IS ON for Saturday, February 13th

The Maverick’s Surf contest is ON for Saturday, February 13th. See MavericsSurf for details and live streams. The first heats are scheduled from 8:00 AM on.

Why We Care

Here’s the Surf Height Forecast from Note the peak of 30′ on Saturday February 13th:

The impact along Esplanade Ave could be significant:

    6.2 feet : height of high tide
  +  30 feet : forecast wave maximum height on Feb 13
   36.2 feet : combined height of seas plus tide

OK, how about that rip rap rock piled along the base of 320 and 330 Esplanade?

     31 feet : height of rip rap rock along the base of 320 and 330 Esplanade Ave

You can do the last bit of math for yourself, I'm sure!

Our hopes and best wishes go out to the folks who still live and own property in harm’s way. We’ve moved a little bit inland, though still in the neighborhood.

(See all of my pictures of the Esplanade crisis:

For a complete chronology and links to many more photos see Evacuation underway at 330 Esplanade.

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