Demand Question Time: Sign the Petition

From Demand Question Time:

We live in a world that increasingly demands more dialogue than monologue. President Obama’s January 29th question-and-answer session with Republican leaders gave the public a remarkable window into the state of our union and governing process. It was riveting and educational. The exchanges were substantive, civil and candid. And in a rare break from our modern politics, sharp differences between elected leaders were on full public display without rancor or ridicule.

Here’s a cause I think everyone concerned about the state of politics an policy in our country can get behind. Read the excerpt below, visit the site, watch the movie. Decide for yourself and if you agree that we need civil debate and “sunlight”, join me and Sign the Petition! (“Sunlight is the best disinfectant” – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, referring to the benefits of openness and transparency.)

See Demand Question Time for more details and a list of the petition’s backers…. from both political parties.

The President takes questions from Republican members of the House of Representatives at the GOP House Issues Conference in Baltimore, MD. January 29, 2010:

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