Monday February 1, 2010 – Property Owners and Engineers Meet

Monday February 1, 2010

  • KRON-TV 4 (Independent) reports an additional small fall (2 feet – but how long?) behind 320 Esplanade yesterday or last night: New Concerns Emerge About Cliff Behind Pacifica Apartments. No direct link to the piece available.
  • KRON 4 also reported a meeting between contractors including Tony Fortunato of Engineered Soil Repairs and the building owners. Which owners were not specified but from the context I’d guess it was Farshid SamsamiĀ  of 330 Esplanade. The agenda was also not specified but apparently finding funds for the repairs was discussed. The story reiterated Pacifica’s refusal to pay anything until public infrastructure is threatened and FEMA’s refusal to get involved. New was mention of a $1 million fine that might be levied by the California Coastal Commission for modifications to the coastal area without permission. Also new was speculation that perhaps the project could attract Federal Stimulus money since… “after all, the project is creating jobs.”
  • No news of any decision from Millard Tong, the owner of 320 Esplanade, to commence work to shore up his building.

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