Clock is Ticking for 320 Esplanade

While work progresses and the future of 330 Esplanade seems more secure, a neighboring building which experienced a very similar dirt fall awaits seemingly necessary attention.

According to this San Francisco Examiner story, “Chances of saving Pacifica apartment building increasing” the superintendent of the teams working on 330 Esplanade, Tony Fortunato, said Sunday that even though the cliff continues to erode, its chances of lasting and keeping the apartment building above are improving.

Things are going well. I’m starting to feel better every day.

Although saving 330 Esplanade from destruction is a necessary first step, it will not be sufficient for Pacifica to re-allow residence of the building. Pacifica Building Department official Doug Rider’s complete set of requirements has not been released to the press, but he has made it known that a number of additional steps need to be taken for future resident and seismic safety.

Meanwhile 320 Esplanade is partially evacuated following a significant bluff failure on Thursday January 21. Residents observed that much of 320 Esplanade actually has less bluff top remaining than 330 had when it was evacuated.

Fortunato reported that his company, Engineered Soil Repairs, has not been hired to work on 320 Esplanade Ave. Commenting on the dire progress of continued erosion beneath 330 Esplanade, Fortunato said,

Time definitely isn’t on their side.

Fortunato went on to say that his company’s next project will likely be to save and repair Lands End, a public access point down the road from the Esplanade Avenue apartments where pounding waves are also causing erosion.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: Chances of saving Pacifica apartment building increasing. See the related KTVU-TV 2 (Fox) story Apartments On Eroding Cliff Could Be Saved.