January 27 – Work Progresses Behind 330 Esplanade

Crews continued to work long hours to drill 50′ steel rods (“soil nails”) into the bluff under 330 Esplanade. Work started at the top of the bluff in order to anchor the most fragile, crucial part of the bluff first, and to make it safe for workers lower down. In this picture taken from a KPIX-TV 5 (CBS) video you can see the major parts of the project:

  • Crew Basket. The crew is hanging from a big crane, extended out over the vacant building. We wonder if that crane is allowed to operate above an occupied building, such as neighboring 320 Esplanade.
  • Drill and Grout. As the crew drills the 50′ long rods into the bluff, the hole is filled in with a cement grout.
  • Steel plates. Once the rod is embedded in the bluff with grout, the hole is capped and the bluff is anchored with a rectangular steel plate.
  • Sprayed cement. As the work progresses, the crew seals the sandy dirt face of the bluff with sprayed cement.

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