Neighbors on Pacifica Cliff ask City Council for Financial Help

The primary source for the following is KGO-TV 7 (ABC) Neighbors on Pacifica cliff ask City Council for help. See their video and article for the full story.

Condo owners at the Pacific View Villas complex on Palmetto Ave and some neighboring residents next to the endangered buildings on Esplanade Ave attended Monday’s Pacifica City Council meeting, and asked for financial help. There is no rock rip rap or seawall behind their properties and the bluff has eroded significantly. Unfortunately, although the menace of the erosion trending toward their properties seems clear, paying for measures to halt the erosion does not. Owners were concerned that they could not afford a remediation project. No particular estimate for the project was mentioned but figures ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars were discussed.

This article does not mention the City Council’s response, but it does say that when it comes to the government helping out on this project or others in the future, there is not much the city can do. I guess we have to read between the lines for the reasons… private property not the City’s concern, overall lack of funds, etc.

This is not the first time other owners have stepped forward with erosion-related concerns on properties nearby Esplanade Ave. On December 29th, two days after the original bluff collapse and evacuation, Julia Scott in the San Mateo Times reported on the problems facing Joan Levin. Levin owns a home adjacent to the Pacific View Villas condos. See Scott’s article in the San Mateo County Times on for details: Pacifica woman ponders moving home away from eroding bluff.

Also on Monday, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, came to see the erosion first hand.

FEMA cannot provide aid when there’s a pre-existing condition. There also has to be a state of emergency that has to be declared at the local, state and federal level — none of which has occurred here.

See the video and accompanying article for discussion of why there’s no state of emergency, and to see the beautiful property that the owners are trying to protect.

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