Answers To Requests for Financial Assistance: No, At Least Not Today

Yesterday a long list of officials weighed in on the availability of government financial assistance for building owners along the bluffs in Pacifica. Unfortunately they all – Congresswoman Jackie Speier, the Regional FEMA Director, Pacifica’s Mayor Sue Digre and the City Council – said ‘no’, at least for now.

During the day US Congresswoman Jackie Speier convened a nearly three-hour meeting that included local officials and FEMA’s Regional Director. During the meeting they toured the site at Esplanade and afterwards Speier said it would not be eligible for Federal aid:

There really is not FEMA money available for something that is considered a pre-existing condition and this particular stretch of Esplanade has been subject to erosion for over some period of time.

In talking with another reporter, Speier said:

FEMA cannot provide aid when there’s a pre-existing condition. There also has to be a state of emergency that has to be declared at the local, state and federal level — none of which has occurred here.

Speier met with city and state representatives that reportedly said that if emergency measures have to be taken to preserve public property and residents, there’s a possibility state funds may be available.

Yesterday evening, at a regularly scheduled Pacifica City Council meeting, the city said that it was disappointed Esplanade didn’t qualify for FEMA funds but it will continue to try and find more money somewhere. Residents had hoped that the Council would declare a local state of emergency, but officials said that the situation wasn’t yet bad enough to be declared a state of emergency.

So for now the individual owners of the threatened apartment buildings on Esplanade will continue to foot the bill for the emergency work.

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