Work Scheduled to Start Today – Monday 1/25/10 3:00 PM

Monday 1/25/10 3:00 PM

  • KGO-TV 7 (ABC): Chunk of eroding Pacifica cliff falls into the ocean – Wayne Freedman. Interesting to learn that crews hope to begin covering the upper part of the bluff behind 330 Esplanade with steel plates later this afternoon, and then to fill behind the plates with grout to cement the dirt in place. The plan is to insert 250 rods 50 feet horizontally into the cliff and create a giant sea wall by coating the cliff face with fiber-reinforced concrete. Two groaners in this article, at least for me:
    • How much dirt fell this morning and behind which building? I would guess it was not 320 Esplanade judging by the lack of any new “…residents nervous / moving out” type stories. “Smaller than the one last week but still worrisome.” Great video of the cliff and it’s nice to see Tony Fortunato on camera. But overall – yuck.
    • The web text accompanying the video ends with an odd sentence that needed clarification: “The rocks placed at the base of the cliff and a proposal to build a 540 foot seawall, are estimated to cost about $4 million.” Wouldn’t that long a seawall extend behind both 330 and 320 Esplanade? If so, how can the crane operate safely above the heads of the residents remaining in 320 Esplanade?
  • See also “RAW VIDEO: SKY7 over eroding Pacifica cliff” for the latest in cliff erosion disaster-porn. Interesting thing here is the attention given to a fresh-looking fall behind 360 Esplanade.

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