Don’t Confuse The “Music Industry” With The “Record Industry”

From What are the ‘Music Industries’?

The term ‘music industry’ is a misnomer. In reality the ‘music industry’ is not one industry, it is several independent industries. This is an important distinction because if we say that there is a “crisis in the music industry” it suggests an equal amount of misfortune for everyone (musicians, the recording industry, the live-music industry, Internet radio, etc.) and in fact this not true. Misuse of the term ‘music industry’ distorts the reality of the situation. For example…

Read the rest of the article for a good argument against using the term “music industry”.

Is the music industry in trouble? Yes, but only if you conflate “major label” with “music industry”. Likewise is radio in trouble? And again the answer seems to be “yes” if you really mean radio consolidators like Clear Channel or Cumulus.

In reality I think it’s easier than it has ever been for musicians to find an audience and get heard. I also don’t think it’s any harder than it ever was to make money as a musician – – it’s still just this side of impossible!

As far as radio goes NPR and news / talk radio point the way to profitability: relevance and audience engagement. Local content for a local community, and a web strategy that’s central to the station’s presence and not just a live stream. For music radio there’s a fantastic experiment going on right now in our (San Francisco) market at Live 105:

Jelli radio SUNDAYS 10pm – Midnight: Be a part of 100% listener-controlled radio. No suits. No DJs. No kidding. You decide what plays on LIVE 105 on Sunday nights. Use the web to control the airwaves…

(Link to from the excellent “music 2.0” informative blog hypebot Don’t Confuse The “Music Industry” With The “Record Industry”.)

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