Mavericks Competition Soon & Surf Photos from November 2008

According to a KGO-TV report, theĀ  Mavericks surf contest could happen Monday. According to Mark Sponsler, surfer and developer of the surf forecasting tool, “For Mavericks, we need continuous waves that are twenty feet high or more.”

I’ve seen the big surf at the Mavericks break and it is beautiful and overwhelming and awesome; some day I’d like to get out on the photographer’s boat with a 400mm or 500mm tele and get some real photos of it. You can see what I got from Pillar Point in November 2008 on Flickr and below, on this Cooliris Photo Wall.

(Neat thing to do with this wall… click the top left photo and it will zoom to fill the wall. Now tap the down arrow key on your keyboard to see the next picture. If your mouse is over the picture, you can read the text I provided for each image.)

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