Engineers Make New Plans to Save Crumbling Pacifica Cliff

Tuesday 1/5/2010. KRON 4 report from their 5:30 AM newscast “Engineers Make New Plans to Save Crumbling Pacifica Cliff” (no direct link, just try their home page).

Engineers met Monday to plan conclusion of the rock rip rap and start of emergency bluff stabilization below 330 Esplanade. The neighboring building, 320 Esplanade was inspected and measured, and there were no plans to evacuate it. 330 Esplanade is almost stabilized but there are no plans to allow residents back. Highlights from the video:

  • most work on the rock rip rap is complete
  • no mention of adding 10-ton boulders to the 4-ton rock as was mentioned in their report from yesterday noon
  • engineers measured the bluff around 320
  • no plans to evacuate 320
  • confirms that the next phase will probably include soil nails (long metal rods) and retaining plates for the bluff below 330
  • workers to use the crane to work on the bluff, though drilling and driving the soil nails from a moving basket sounds difficult
  • no word on when the next phase will start, but keeping the crane here must be expensive, so figure it to be ASAP
  • good video showing the loss of bluff behind 320 resulting from Saturday’s fall
  • no mention of any work planned for 320
  • no mention of moving 330 back from the street
  • no mention of allowing residents into 330
  • sad interview of an ex-resident of 330 who wanted to get back into her apartment to get some stuff out of the kitchen
  • no plans for residents to return to 330 yet

(NOTE: This post is part of my coverage of the cliff erosion and collapse at 330 Esplanade Ave, Pacifica. For a complete chronology and links to many photos see Evacuation underway at 330 Esplanade.)

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