Collapse behind 320 Esplanade

12:00 Midnight Saturday December 2, 2009. In a report at about 5:00 PM Saturday  Local news KTVU Channel 2 picked up on the substantial new cliff fall I mentioned earlier in the day, and added some useful additional details. The key points were:

  • This took place behind 320 Esplanade, the building next door to the one that had been evacuated.
  • Residents and neighbors were worried but the chief engineer was not overly concerned. “We didn’t want to see it go. We were hoping that it wouldn’t but it did and it’s not really the end of the world at this point…looks worse than it is,” said Tony Fortunato and engineer with Engineered Soil Repairs. Fortunato said, unlike the condemned apartment building, enough cliff-side still remained behind the neighboring building.
  • Nevertheless, it was significant. According to the report, approximately a ten by thirty foot long section of cliff-side collapsed.

See the KTVU report for details: Huge Chunk Of Pacifica Cliff-Side Falls In Ocean.

(NOTE: This post is part of my coverage of the cliff erosion and collapse at 330 Esplanade Ave, Pacifica. For a complete chronology and links to many photos see Evacuation underway at 330 Esplanade.)

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