Pacifica cliff no longer in emergency state (soil nails)

Wednesday December 30, 2009

  • ABC7 KGO-TV Focus of Pacifica cliff repair shifts to second phase. Great story, knits together the end of the emergency phase one repairs and the plans for phase two work to reinforce the top of the cliff.
    • “330 is pretty much completed. Coastal Commission came down and looked at it. We’re going to tune it up a little bit per their requirements,” said engineer Tony Fortunato. The engineers are reviewing several methods for stabilizing the still-eroding top of the cliff. The one they will probably go with is called a “Soil Nailing System.” The City of Pacifica still has to approve the use of a horizontal steel rod system and engineers have to pre-determine precisely what angle to insert them to hold the soil together. If permits are fast-tracked the work could begin in a couple days.
  • SF Examiner, Pacifica cliff no longer in emergency state. According to Tony Fortunato, superintendent at Engineered Soil Repairs Inc., the company hired to put the boulders in place, “The upper bluff is falling as well,” Fortunato said. “We have to fix that somehow.” He said the crews have been considering inserting soil nails, or large metal rods, into the cliff to stabilize it, but said he doesn’t know how long that process would take.
    Perhaps the quote from yesterday’s KGO-TV story was in error when it referred to using metal plates or sheets at the top of the cliff.

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