Weather and waves hamper cliffside progress

Tuesday December 29, 2009

  • This KGO-TV story from last night, Weather and waves hamper cliffside progress, included a number of nuggets:

    • On December 18th, the day after the cliff collapse that triggered residents’ evacuation, a helicopter cameraman showed a minimum of 6 feet of bluff-top remaining behind 330 Esplanade. A similar view 10 days later (yesterday / Monday) showed that the bluff had dropped entirely away behind more than 30 feet of the building.
    • The sand surface of the rock road is rebuilt in order for metal-tracked vehicles to be able to use it. I got a close up view of the tough little Marooka dump truck (see it on Flickr) they’re using to haul sand and rock, and it does indeed have rubber tracks.
    • And this quote provided hope that the building may be saved for a while longer, at least:
      At the top of the bluff, crews are planning to embed sheets of steel that will allow them to rebuild at least some of the cliff that is lost — the most critical section right at the base of the patio at 330 Esplanade.
  • Thanks to Pacifica Riptide for a good picture of the cliff behind 330 Esplanade showing sheer drop behind the building. The loss of all of the remaining bluff above the cliff puts the building in grave danger while at the same time greatly increasing the cost of remediation. A sea wall could still be built but now it would have to be much taller. Possibly more complex, too – don’t know.

    Photo by Lionel Emde via Pacifica Riptide
    December 28, 2009: threatened Esplanade Avenue apartment building, revealing new loss of land at the top of the bluff. See the Pacifica Riptide post Sisyphean Task: Pushing Pebbles into the Pacific for a photo essay documenting the painstaking process of lifting rock to the cliff base. The author of the essay scoffs at the effort of moving rock this way, ridiculing in a knowing way that the effort is futile. Good images. I had a minor quibble with the text though – struck me as cliched and mean-spirited.

  • I grow more convinced day by day that it’s just a matter of time, as quickly as a few months, and the building will be demolished.

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