Long Term Displacement + Property Map

Wednesday December 23, 2009

  • 11:30 PM. San Mateo County Times Pacifica Evacuees may be displaced for year or more. The further reduction of the cliff tops behind 330 had been mentioned in other stories but in this one it is a central factor in renewed concerns for the habitability of 330 Esplanade. Apparently so much cliff has dropped away that you can see straight down onto the beach in places. This much loss of the cliff top invalidates existing plans for walls and rock, and may make the entire remediation project too expensive.
  • 11:15 PM. KGO-TV 7 Crews make progress on Pacifica cliff. Rush to get the rip rap in place before the next series of storms comes in next week. Seems to be succeeding. The engineer called the rip rap “the rock butress” – something to investigate.
  • 4:20 PM. In a story from last night KTVU.com reported residents will not be allowed to return until a permanent fix is in place – April at the earliest. Just days ago it had seemed they might return once the temporary fix was completed (before the end of the year). I may be wrong, but this seems to move the debate about payment for the fix to the fore. Evacuated Pacifica Residents May Not Be Able To Move Back Until April
  • 4:00 PM. KGO 7. In a story released at about 1:00 this afternoon, KGO reported Crews complete road down crumbling Pacifica cliff and that one of the cranes up on Esplanade will depart. Good picture with the story. While the wind was blowing hard enough to stop work this road seemed essential but by now, according to the story, about 80% of the work is done. If true, it’s hard to see how the road saves any work.
  • Just found this days-old item in the KGO 7 “live video” archive: Crews work into the night to place rocks. Video shows the process of placing a rock on the beach, then the crane lifting the rock box back to Esplanade for an excavator to load another rock.
  • More pictures from the work on Esplanade: Equipment on Esplanade – Photo Gallery
  • Thinking about the Zillow property map I found yesterday, I decided to track down a more official map of some sort. I finally found a good one at the San Mateo County Assessor Maps Retrieval System. The search returned a large compressed TIFF, and in hopes of making it a bit more accessible I’ve reduced it in size. Since the reason for the curiosity about property lines is to understand the reports of conflict among the Esplanade property owners about financial responsibilities for the cliff remediation, I’ve shaded the 360 Esplanade property area green, and 330 Esplanade in yellow. (Click the image for a larger version. Click the right side of an image for the next one.)

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