Links to Facebook Privacy Settings

This table provides all of the links from my previous post in one place:

# Setting Link Comment
1 Friend lists Friends area .
2 Facebook search Search privacy settings .
3 Google search Search privacy settings .
4 Photo Tagging Profile privacy See the section “Photos and Videos of Me”
5 Protect Your Albums Photo privacy .
6 Relationship Status Profile privacy change the “Family and Relationship” setting to “Only Me”
7 Applications Applications privacy When you play a game, create an event, etc. you use an application and share information with it. These settings can limit that sharing.
You probably don’t know (I didn’t) is that when your friends use applications, those applications also get to see your information.
8 Contact information Contact privacy settings Who gets to see your email address, snail-mail address, phone numbers, IM name, etc.
9 Embarrassing wall posts Profile page or Profile privacy On the Profile page, click on the “Options” link directly under the publisher.
10 Friendship privacy Profile page
  1. Go to your profile page
  2. Click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of your “Friends” box
  3. Uncheck the box which says “Show my friends on my profile”

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