Millwood Ranch Busted: Filled Creek with Debris

Information about the Pacifica landlord who owns buildings along Esplanade. Overall I’ve heard that he’s responsive to tenant concerns, etc. I’ve heard some frustrated complaints about him, but I’ve not been closely enough involved to judge for myself. The story:

A ranch owner has run afoul of city, state and federal laws by building several horse structures without a permit and endangering local wildlife habitat by illegally filling a creek with construction debris, according to officials.

Millard Tong founded Millwood Ranch four years ago, a 166-acre horse boarding and riding facility tucked into the hills behind Pacifica’s Linda Mar neighborhood. In the past year and a half, he has received five stop-work orders from Pacifica building officials for illegal construction work, ranging from July 2008 to November 2009. Tong finally halted his construction work on Nov. 4 after city officials arrived with…

Tong does has his own version of the story but it does sound like he’s naive and new to California and the Bay Area, or willful and self-centered, or both. At any rate we need more information to really judge:

“My impression was that a lot of structures we put up, like fencing and shelter for horses, were part the business of being on agricultural land. I was mistaken, so we stopped work and the city is reviewing the plans… (And) from the first time that the Water Quality Control Board came out and told me that pushing dirt in the creek was not legal, I stopped.”

Tong continues to believe that he should not have to apply for permits for activities like road maintenance and grading, which he says are part of the everyday duties of managing a ranch.

“There’s a lot of other work — cleaning the pastures, maintaining the fences, which are part of our work here. This ranch is not just a couple acres. There’s a lot of fire roads that have to be repaired. I can’t stop.”

From Inside the Bay Area (Pacifica rancher in trouble for filling creek with construction debris)

Thanks to Pacifica Riptide (Millwood Ranch Busted: Filled Creek with Debris).

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